May 14, 2013

Save the humans!

There's a four part series of video clips on Youtube in which Joe Marshalla conducts a seminar / informal lecture on what he calls 'The Mechanics of the Mind'. It persuades whoever is watching it to perceive him- or herself in a different way. Different from what we have been taught since birth or even from before we are born, since children today are born with approximately 200 petrochemicals in their body. Heavy metals and chemical substances (toxins) that are not supposed to be in us. It is unnatural for us to have those in our bodies.

It takes some time to absorb them, but I think it is worth the time, attention and effort to process them. It starts with a reference to an experiment conducted by Martin Seligman that he called 'Learned helplessness' which is the root cause for depression and from there takes the audience to an array of suggestions - supported by scientific evidence - towards solutions of the induced problem.

Today in the US over a 100 million people are clinically in a depressed state of mind. Incredible as it may seem (in the eyes of sane people), children of 4 years of age are prescribed Prozac and related medication. The entire set of systems and structures of the global human society seems to be arranged to make everyone anthropocentric (separate from nature) instead of ecocentric (one with nature). If you sense that the path human is currently on is not one that will allow us and the rest of nature with which we are one, to survive, you may want to spend time watching the above clips.

Have a nice day.