August 26, 2013

EFC - Earth & Flight Composites

EFC is an enterprise that conducts training and offers consultancy for the advanced composites industry. Composite materials are increasingly applied in construction since they are strong, have a light weight and hardly require maintenance. But construction and repair activities require skills that are quite distinguished from those of traditional sheet metal work and application of other materials.

Consequently a different type of knowledge and skill are necessary to process composite materials properly. Since it is often applied in critical constructions, poor handling can lead to disastrous consequences. It is for this reason that industry authorities have decided to issue guidelines and directives. EFC is well informed concerning the knowledge and skills required to work and operate composite material constructions safely. Decades of practical experience in the business and acquired certification by attending many courses make EFC a trustworthy partner for companies seeking to train their staff or inform their management.

EFC avatar

EFC is now present on Twitter. The address is: After some tinkering the avatar above was decided upon. It features the 'C' of Composites, directly related to EFC's core business. The letter that has a composite weave texture surrounds a globe, indicating the international aspirations of EFC, while the Texts are placed toward the right.

EFC is also present on Facebook. Its address on that site is: A presence on social media today is imperative to inform (potential) audiences concerning existence and activities.

Apart from EFC's presence in social media,  it has its own site that you can visit by clicking here: Here you will find details about the company, its portfolio and corses that will be conducted in the near future.