January 2, 2014

Airbrushing again...

After almost a year of not having touched an airbrush, I took up the gun again and made a test on roughly cut, rectanglish piece of drawing paper. Geerco van Strien skillfully cleaned and tuned my trusted Iwata HP-BH that I used to spray (I believe, not sure) Holbein Aeroflash acrylic paint. Here is the work that is still in progress. Freehand airbrushing, no masking, some erasing with pencil eraser. Newest version on top. If you click on one of the images, Blogspot's lightbox opens, which allows you to use your mouse's scroll wheel to shift through the various stages and observe the progress in a more clear way.

Jan 7 2014

Jan 5 2014

Jan 2 2014 - 3

Jan 2 2014 - 2

Jan 2 2014 - 1

Jan 1 2014 - 1

Dec 31 2013

when i take to airbrush
blowing color to canvas
while the air's soft rush
allows me to worry less

i drift off in space-time
which makes me aware
of a dissimilar paradigm
that before wasn't there

images inside my head
show me the one i paint
in times cheerful or sad
as views come and faint

gradually i find that i
have traveled elsewhere
where i seem to identify
with those who live there

sounds unfamiliar to me
echo from those places
where i know i must be
in order to see the faces

that i attempt to portray
as real as i possibly can
for me such is the way
to honor the spirit of man