October 15, 2017

Artificial intelligence vs spirituality - Stanislav Petrov

Something entirely different in this brief blog entry. Though faintly related to computer systems commonly used by ordinary people, this post focusses on Artificial Intelligence and spirituality. The two seem impossible to reconcile, which currently is indeed the case. Hyper computers, based on ordinals, are in the early stages of operation. It will lead to computers building the next generation of computers that exceed the capacity of mankind to perceive with exponential pace. A perspective frightening to most people. Or is it?

I am probably able to write this thanks to Stanislav Petrov and you are able to read this thanks to him as well. He is believed to have averted a thermonuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union in 1983, which (of course) never made it into the reports of lamestream (excuse me: mainstream) media. Mr. Petrov recently passed to better realms at the age of 77 years. Details of the story can be found here. I wrote about this in Facebook. The text of the post is copied here:

I just happened to see a tv series (New tricks) in which this event played a part, although it was portrayed slightly different. Whatever really occurred, this world is dangerously dependant on non-human intelligence. Petrov most likely acted intuitively, which isn't a trait of machines. He took an immense risk, but - as a drilled soldier - opted for the most unlikely..... Humans are spiritual beings regardless of how exceedingly we've been lead to believe otherwise. Such reports, that reflect events that potentially have devastating consequence, should make us think whether we choose to continue our current ways or take time to explore our spiritual essence.

After which I added a comment, the text of which is copied here:

If systems are built and programmed by humans whose inner and outer world entirely focuses on reason, while excluding humankind's spiritual essence, the properties of such systems are obvious. The binary code from its outset incorporated an intrinsic path that was bound to lead to clinical logic. Advanced ternary or base-3 systems have the potential to mimic the mindset of humans that ignore their spiritual side with incredible pace, making systems able to predict (and therefore control) human behaviour. Identifying the possible human / machine problems that may arise from this also comprises the answer. Developing innate spiritual talents is part of the solution, since intuition grants access to the omnipresent information field (black ops scientist Pete Peterson - 1, 2 and 3) that has / is totally integrated logic, far exceeding the code and functions of restrictive man-made systems.

The reasons why I expressed the above is obvious. When watching the Project Camelot interviews with Dr. Peterson, it will become clear what is necessary to restore our human spiritual capacities, which involves much more than meditation. These interviews were conducted in 2009, but their importance is timeless. We live in an age of programs and computers, but should not neglect our spiritual talents. A hint of what humans are capable of when they use more than 10% of their brain capacity is shown in the movie 'Lucy'. At some point in the movie, it becomes clear that it is completely unknown what humans are capable of when they are able to use in excess of 40% of their brain capacity....

However, the cinematic tale suggests that humans do not need computers when they use the entire power of their brain. It may be the reason why humans are deliberately oppressed in particular fields, why an abundance of false information is made easily accessible and true information is made difficult to find or vigorously kept hidden. Some force in the universe wishes humans evolve in a particular direction, that causes them to lose control over life. Although the reason for doing this is obvious, it is also largely unknown why this is the case.

Those not lost in ratio's straight jacket may find this web page an interesting read: