Logos have to be easy on the eye and settle comfortably in the mind, either by simplicity of shape or by their beauty. Logos of uncomplicated form are easy to remember and while beautiful images are a caress to the eye that are not likely to be forgotten soon because they left a powerful impression in the perception of the observer. In any case they have to be related to patterns that are present in the human mind.

Note: clicking on any image will show it against a dark background in a slide view in which you can watch all images on this page. You can browse through them by turning the scroll wheel of your mouse.  

Vector logo Colourful Coaching

Celtic motive style Tree of Life symbol vector drawing

Stylized VectorWhiz logo

3D version of alternative F1 logo concept

The crest of Amsterdam

T-shirt design

Test Elvis T-shirt logo

Logo concept design created in Affinity Designer

Rage of Reason - my former poetry pen name - 3D snake ring

Old (Oct 2019) VectorWhiz logo

Silver snake logo

T-shirt design design

DACIA logo concept

Logo for http://stemvandestraat.nl

Site logo concept

Raptor logo

Personal logo

Johan Cruijff logo concept

No Surrender logo - Affinity Designer 

Superkid logo

2D Funeral service logo

PerkVine logo

SMU logo contest proposal

3D Bat logo

Squaricles logo contest entry

Leaded glass company logo contest entry

 isocult logo

ROR airbrush logo

The Flying Dutchmen logo proposal

Merauke Bersama-sama foundation logo

Cult of the Cool jaguar logo

New Edge Graphix logo

Beyond Extreme Design logo

Athame logo

WCN logo concept contest entry

School football logo proposal

School football logo 2

SavePass logo contest entry

Project X Motorsports logo contest entry

Sanctuary Landscaping logo contest entry

Mahakena Naga logo

CATiq logo contest entry

Lions logo proposal

Two Blue Snakes logo

AC Trade logo

Blue Griffon logo proposal

Ignis logo

Firefox tribal proposal

Transparent watermark

3D AFCA logo (created from existing, because the lack of 3D version)

Ajax' new logo in 3D