October 14, 2013

I conjure texts too! - A poem.

So far I did not feature examples of text creation in this blog. It is time for this to change. Below you see a poem (or at least an attempt to poetry) I wrote, when thinking of science 'discovery' that 97% of human DNA has no function they were able to detect, because it doesn't produce proteins which is why that incited to tempt scientists to call that 97% 'junk DNA'.

Some - mainly spiritually inclined people - suggest that humankind originally had 12 strand DNA instead of the 2 strand of which our bodily tissue consists of now. Supposing such a claim is true, it would mean that we use only 3% of 1/6th of our true potential..., which equals 0.005th of the original DNA structure, assuming extra strands do not just increase perception and skills exponentially.....

October 13, 2013

Com-Art airbrush paint

After all digital tinkering with DTP and 2D & 3D apps, it's time to pick up the airbrush once more. My mate Geerco van Strien polished the needle of the Iwata Micron and we bought a Com-Art portrait set of paints at Airbrush Services Almere. Initially I tried diluting them with water, but it appeared almost unnecessary. A test of this paint that was new to me you see below.

Com-Art test next to a 20 Euro cent coin

October 2, 2013

3D printing

3D printing has a great future. The devices are still unaffordable for the average consumer, but as the technique develops it will become within reach of the private people. Larger, complex objects will be printed by specialized companies, but simple constructions will one time soon be printed at home not too far away in the future. As is the case with all consumer goods, the possibility to produce complex objects with 3D printing devices will be increasing rapidly. This will include plastic parts, composite materials, metals (including non-ferro objects). Basically any material needed to produce useful things.

Simple 3D printed ring