Digital Art

Graphical art is an indication for a diverse category of visual expressions. Images can be made in 2D or 3D or a combination of both. The portraits are all made from scratch in an attempt to bring out the 'soul' of the subjects. I find that bitmap editing software allows me to do this better than analogue airbrush, since the programs' white colours do not leave the annoying blueish hue around the edges of white areas or lines. These peculiarities I find very disturbing in airbrush art - they're visible immediately and undeniably. When paint manufacturers find a proper solution for this problem I may create more airbrush portraits again.

Note: clicking on any image will show it against a dark background in a slide view in which you can watch all images on this page. You can browse through them by turning the scroll wheel of your mouse. 

Voltaire - vector woodcut portrait

Vladimir Putin vector portrait - ZERO pixels, ALL vector

Marlon Brando vector portrait - Affinity Designer

Abe Lincoln vector portrait - Affinity Designer

Geronimo - Affinity Photo

Mark Twain - Work in progress

Steven Brown
digital art - Affinity Photo

Henk Kuipers - work in progress -
digital art

Willie Nelson - digital art
Available for print

Al Pacino - digital art, Color test,
both color and B&W available for print

Lakota warrior 'Kills First'

Proud Men - digital art

Kiowa warrior - digital art

'Peace Pipes & Winchesters' - work in progress - digital art

Chief Bitterroot - digital art

Blood man - digital art

Pow wow 2014 - digital art

135 glasses - 3D art

Rick Snyder's poisoned water

3D Snake

Butterfly - 2D digital art

Mandala - 2D digital art

Dog 2D vector art

Book cover - 2D digital art

Tjitjak - 2D digital art

2D digital vector art

3D art - Ajax logo ring

Sinistra & dextra - 3D digital art

Flower - 2D digital art

Ajax Bicentennial ring - 3D digital art

Bead bracelet - 3D digital art

Mandala - 2D digital art

House of Kolor-like Scarab - 2D digital art

Elvis jacket - 2D digital vector art

IBM girls - 2D digital vector art

T-shirt design - 2D digital art

T-shirt design - 2D digital art