July 4, 2018

Vector Celtic Motive

Celtic motives have always intrigued me for some reason. It probably is the effect on the subconscious mind of symbols. I quickly doodled one in Affinity Designer to see if a reasonable effect could be accomplished in a vector drawing program without ending up with an image that is too flat. I hate flat design; it just reflects a lack of skill, dedication and attention in my perception, regardless if it's promoted (shoved down ignorant people's throats) to be trendy and therefore some sort of 'must' to follow (for those with malfunctioning brains).

The deeper reason probably being that I hate trends that basically just are veiled traps in which artists are conjectured to do their thing. In other words: follow my hallucination or you're not a member of the club. I couldn't care less for such clubs of mindless followers under corrupt leadership to be honest. So here are some versions of my non-flat Celtic doodles:

I haven't yet figured out how to go about some details that bug my eyes in this doodle, but I'm confident I'll find a solution for them at some point. I will probably run into some function 'by accident' and be informed by an impulse of unknown origin that this is the way to work around functional limitations. This is how I commonly stumble through life, chafing as that may be.

The thing about Celtic motives is their continuity and connectedness in a patterned complexity, I guess. It may be some type of artistic metaphor proving the correctness of the Mandelbrot fractal patterns that are everywhere in everything at all times in this universe. Metaphors being the crux of symbolism, the latter seemingly making language redundant in the perceptional process and various kinds of human communication.

In the absence of the need for language, there still are mathematical descriptions that shape the objects in the symbolic metaphors. The magic of form in numbers. Some would say math is just an other language that is simply detached from culture and tradition. That could give cause to question the necessity of culture and tradition, which is perhaps best suggested in a visually spectacular way by the Celtic culture / tradition.... This is just an other paradoxal situation that sadly crams this realm of limitation and bewilderedness.

Where as language is not capable of proving its own redundancy, certain types of images apparently are. Which brings me to something else I profoundly dislike, apart from the flat imagery I mentioned earlier, namely 'experts' explaining art to people whom they most likely consider to be uneducated bonkers peasants that clutter this planet for no reason at all.

These would-be connoisseurs annoy the crap out of me, because when analysing the bunk they blabber, it makes no sense whatsoever and in addition it gives me a rash, that is how pathetic it is. They usually surround themselves with retards that don't know their head from a hole in the ground, who are very good at giving not so smart people the impression that they are very knowledgeable about matters concerning art. Such brain dead yokels never disagree with anything that is spread by fellow idiots, so a much needed attitude correction never takes place.
I am relieved I got that off my chest. Long live the Celts and have a nice day.