April 20, 2024

Is there a future for graphic designers?


Since the rise of AI and its heir AGI becoming more mature within approximately a decade, according Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang and Google's AI boss Demis Hassabis, coders will no longer be necessary, because everyone will be able to create programs by using natural language. Barely a day goes by today in which a new development in the AI field is published by the media; Chat GPT, Bard, Gemini and soon Gemma in the Google sphere alone within one year and countless other systems that generate a plethora of applications artificially, many of which have a focus on graphic environment. What effect will these emergences have on people that work in the illustration business, logo design, animation and even movie creators?

Already now many laypeople use online AI-systems to create all sorts of graphic design stills and animations, that in many cases would have required a professional to create. This inherently leads to the thought: Why pay a pro when I can let AI do the job for me for close to nothing? I've seen several predictions saying that the graphic industry will grow with 10% or more up to 2030, but nowhere did I see on which grounds this supposed growth was based. Also nowhere was it said that this increase means that professional graphic artists would have a profitable income to prevent poverty or starvation. As AI probably is going to be involved more and more in graphic design, it is most likely that laypeople are going to ne included in the increase. Question is: will professional designers - those that do manual work and those that also use AI - be able to avert an abhorring existence or not?

AI generated art (edited in Affinity Photo)

AI generated art (unedited)

It is probable that AI will affect any job in any trade to a huge extent, while the quality of the works will become better and done faster on average. Such is the worrying future that the entire work force on this planet will inevitably be facing, provided humanity and / or AI do not destroy life before any sort of progress will be made, in view of the fact that the threat of war anywhere seems to become stronger almost every day. The nature of this blog entry strongly suggests that there will be less skilled professional human input as the capability of AI systems increases, which confers with what Google's former product manager Mo Gawdat has stated, that AI is more dangerous that Climate Change and Elon Musk who said that AI is a greater threat than nuclear war. Those are claims that offer few reasons to be cheerful, but those that are destined to survive the longest, will be those that familiarize themselves with the possibilities that AI presents. Old school pro's that cling to traditional digital working methods will find themselves living in a trailer or in their car if Gawdat and Musk are correct.

I hope that this attempt to forecast a possible future for jobs in the graphic design trade does not destroy the tiny, worthless, depressing little life expectancy of designers that will perhaps find a way to earn money from creating NFT images, that are not particularly part of the graphic design market, but somewhat related to it, even though this segment will be flooded by AI creations as well. The key to get through these ominous developments unscathed, is to recognize lucrative trends swiftly and have really creative and appealing ideas.

What is an opportunity to live a proper life, probably is at the heart of the impending situation, which primarily is living outside of the clutches of the WEF influence that intends to monitor and control literally everything you do in life. WEF's credo is: You will own nothing and be happy. Imagine how that is possible. It nevertheless is a lot closer than most would care or dare to believe. If you don't know why I am writing these things in this rather specific way, you're probably on the brink of being too late to avoid being a totally controlled, powerless puppet of the illegal global power 'elite', for which this blog is not the place to explain how I arrived at this sadly not common enough viewpoint. Yet this gloomy prospect will soon be what threatens the quality of life in general, which will also affect graphic designers. So, take care of how to avoid being totally suppressed first and only after doing so, consider how to make a proper life for yourself in graphic design.

I am writing this in such a particular way, because when all your earnings are in total control by anyone other than you, it is impossible to maintain control of your own life. This exactly is the aim of the WEF; they want to control you. Totally. This means that your priority is to prevent that from happening before you must and can do anything else in your life. Cheers. Have a focused day.