When observing events or pondering thoughts caused and shared by others, there is often an instant feeling of appreciation or dislike that emerges in perception. Even before reason has had a chance to analyze the observed, the subconscious has already referenced it with patterns that exist inside ones awareness.

Every being is conditioned by knowledge and experience, but also by unnoticed impulses ingested by the subconscious that can not be identified (ref. prof. Bruce Hood). Aware souls spend part of their time attempting to understand how the subconscious affects perception and conduct. One of the conclusions they may arrive at is that attraction is best gained by presenting matters in a way that makes others long to learn more about what they observe, regardless if they are aware of the cause of the appeal or not.

Based on what is expressed above, we would like to offer you the following:
  • Visual art
  • Copywriting

Key features of our approach are:
  • Perceptive analysis of your requirements
  • Interaction concerning the way you intend to reach your goal
  • Analysis of the perception of your target audience
  • High quality materializing of the idea that is agreed upon
  • Establishing a relation with clients based on mutual respect and trust

Common issues that contribute to evoking interest are:
  • The application of specific colors
  • Rhythm and nature of expression (verbal or written)
  • Symmetry (the etymology of which you find here)
  • Symbolism related to (sacred) geometrical shapes embedded in human DNA
  • Reference to impressive instances of the past
  • Inducement of positive emotions

The trick to achieve effective communication is to empathize with the targeted audience, even if it is of an entirely different level of awareness. Advanced empaths know that every person is experiencing his or her own set of awarenesses to which a certain pattern of reactions is related. It is a unique path through space and time each of us follows. These are considerations that are an integral part of my approach that I use to create effective communications that subtly contain the profound within the obvious. If such an working method appeals to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.