In this material realm in which matter is mostly space, visual symbols are the translation of thought that is beyond the capacity of reason to express. Symbols aren't just the limited collection of images approved by mostly self-appointed 'experts', but every visualization conceived by human brain activity falls into that category, even though it is irascibly contested by the same 'experts' that intend to impose on you that their vision on symbolism is the only one that should be accepted as being true. Limitation and paradox are caused by the same mind narrowing bunk, as a result of which perception has become flawed and conduct became an irrational and incoherent antic, making basically intelligent and empathic beings ignorant, ruthless, nefarious marauders that make life miserable for everyone. One way to oppose this conundrum is through creation of art - art being the key to a level of understanding above the hampered faculty of human reason, that lacks the profundity to accurately understand anything at all. Among the main instruments of art are symbols that refer to a wordless consciousness in oracular and coercive ways. Skilled artists lace them into shapes, colours and spatial attributes for aware obsevers to discern and recompile to meaningful perception. 

Hmm . . . wtf . . .

But even the less conscious are affected by the concealed properties of supreme and coherent art, though they may not know such is the case. These features allow to create art that appeals to the intuition of the observer, thereby persuading certain mindsets to settle and become the root of response - art is a subtle (most of the time anyway, when it's not an in your face type of expression) instrument to widen and raise perception. This process has many facets; symbols in visual art and knowledge of etymology in literal communication. Rhythm, rhyme and cadance are other aspects that affect the way communication is perceived. Some forms of art permit to combine several methods, making unapparent yet powerful creations possible, in doing so at the same time revealing the necessity of art that previously was not considered by even the most educated and as a result often annoyingly haughty tossers that clutter up this beautiful planet and vicinity just by being irritating for no apparent reason. Art is a subtle reminder of the creative powers mankind was blessed with. Ignoring these innate, but ruthlessly whacked talents turns living into arduous survival, which is a loathsome mockery of life. This is what I attempt to prevent from happening by being involved in art. In spite of all depressive misery today's world floods us with, I hope you enjoy spending time in this particular nick of the web.