April 23, 2014

Yet Another Cleaner

One of the most useful tools I came across by chance was 'Yet Another Cleaner' that is a junk file cleaner, system optimizer, virus and malware removal tool in one. Its functionality includes removal of malicious and redundant registry entries, bogus icon links and application monitor.

April 6, 2014

THOROUGH airbrush cleaning

All airbrush artists are familiar with the contamination of their gun(s). Performance decreases as more waterborne paint residue builds up inside the airbrush. There are many airbrush cleaning fluids and tools, most of which don't work too well. Ultrasonic cleaners work well, but are quite expensive most of the time and require the airbrush to be soaked and treated inside the cleaner for a while. When artists are in a flow, they don't want to wait, but traditional cleaners do not do a particularly good job.

The stamp loupe I use.