April 22, 2013

Digital / analog

Lately, out of necessity, I have been doing a lot of digital work. Fun as it may be to do, at some point digital creation feels as if something is lacking. Perhaps it is because humans are analog beings. So, to get my mind off the rigid canvas of digital tools, I may revert to the only real type of canvas from time to time to appease more natural aspects of life. I have a magnificent photograph for reference that I edited digitally (...) to spray with an airbrush. Many tests will be involved; I have to try new things always to prevent from becoming bored.

April 16, 2013

New website

I have been working my butt off for the new website (pardon my French). Creating tables in html sucks; they are unpredictable. So I used a lot of flash (swf) and ccs in the design, which makes widths more consistent. Please take a peek at it if you have time.

Earth & Flight Composites website