March 31, 2016

An other Hazes portrait

Using the ideal combination (at least until I find something better): Shooting Inspire H2O waterborne paint, mixed with Createx 4012 reducer through an Iwata Custom SB onto Createx Yupo paper (45 x 32 cm). Until recently I favored the Iwata HP-BH airbrush, but the Createx 4012 reducer allows the H2O paint to snugly pass the Iwata Custom SB nozzle / needle combo, while NOT continuing to flow after hitting the paper. Yupo is a synthetic paper which has an extra smooth surface on which paint 'spiders' easily since there is a minimum of grip. But Createx seems to have solved the paradox of paint having difficulty to pass small size nozzle (0.18 mm) while making it stable immediately after hitting the paper.

The clusters of molecules of paint typically are ten times smaller than the nozzle opening, which may sound like a lot, but actually isn't since paint builds up on both the needle and inside of the nozzle, which rapidly narrows the surface through which paint has to pass. A good reducer somewhat reduces the size of the paint molecule clusters and keeps them afloat before the paint is exposed to air. After that it should allow the paint to adhere to the surface the paint is sprayed on. This is exactly what the Createx 4012 reducer does. This is of course asking a lot of the reducer medium. The price the artists pays, is being very alert on the sounds the airbrush makes; if it starts to whistle, immediately move it away from the paper, clean the needle tip or even take the needle out and clean the entire needle. Than blast a few pulses of air through it to remove clogs of paint.

Which all is very convenient, since this portrait is a rush job...

In 2.5 days from blank paper
to a virtually framed portrait

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