February 17, 2020

Elvis Presley graphic vector poster

I haven't been able to post for a while, but here finally is a new work. It is a 100% vector graphical portrait of Elvis Presley that will be used to create posters and T-shirt prints. This type of drawing is far easier to make and less time consuming than the photo-realistic vector portraits I have been creating so far. I started to draw a simple vector portrait that looks like this:

Graphic style vector portrait of Elvis Presley

Then I created the type in Affinity Photo, because it has a distortion tool that allows to manipulate text into geometric shapes. These pixel shapes I manually traced in Affinity Designer and placed the portrait of Elvis in the same document, which resulted in this image:

Poster / T-shirt design

The portrait was drawn in a few hours, the text took a bit longer. I am still honing my skills in this type of work and from experience I know it will get better within a short period of time. Once I am satisfied with my progress I will post the results and place the designs in my T-shirt shop. Look for this shirt here, which would look like this:

Elvis T-shirt

The shop allows you to personalize the size and positioning of the image, choose the colour of the T-shirt (although I think black is the best option for this design).