August 30, 2012

JFK portrait finished

The airbrush portrait of JFK is finished. It was a test to become familiar with the Iwata Custom Micron SB. I sprayed the portrait on ordinary A4 office paper, because spraying on a small size surface is the best way to test the limits of an airbrush. The Iwata passed the test, although the low quality paper probably was not the best surface to work on. But for testing purposes, it does the job.

Iwata Custom Micron SB test - JFK

Airbrush classes / cursus

An increasing number of people are affected by the crisis. It means that they have less to spend on matters that are not basic requirements of life. We have taken this into account when determining fees for the various classes and will be offering flexible courses that will allow students to acquire what skills they need.

We prefer to teach in a way that is tailored to human beings, which means you will learn more than just airbrushing skills. We believe it is of no use to teach skills if people's eye sight is not as good as it can be. So we offer methods to improve it as well. We do not believe that good airbrushing is possible if one has tremors; exercises and dietary suggestions to decrease them are therefore also offered.

The art of airbrushing is best done when the mind is quiet and relaxed. It means the urge to rush matters is taken away and means to reach such a frame of mind will be taught alongside effective training methods to improve your spraying skills. We do not want you to bring home practice examples that you can show off to friends and relatives - we want you to be the best airbrush artist that you can possibly be.

See our Contact page and talk to us for more information.

August 28, 2012

Paasche's Turbo airbrush

Today I thought I would fire up the Turbo again. I had not used it for years, but the thing still spins and screams like a dentist's drill. Not an airbrush for beginners or for artists that forget how to adjust it after not using it for too long...

Paasche Turbo

August 25, 2012

Side cup vs. gravity feed cup

When reading information in postings on airbrush forums comparing the properties of airbrush guns with gravity feed paint cups with those of siphon feed cups, I feel a lot is being written that does not really have a sound rational foundation. A few of these I would like to elaborate on from my perspective in this blog entry.

Below this paragraph you see an image of a gravity feed airbrush (Iwata HP-BH) on top and a siphon feed airbrush (Iwata Custom Micron SB) underneath it. The solid red line indicates the paint level in the cups and the dotted blue line indicates the center of the needle / nozzle combination.

Gravity feed vs. siphon feed airbrushes

August 22, 2012

Iwata Custom Micron CM-SB

Ok, my Iwata HP-BH, started to give trouble after working flawlessly for 8 years or so, never asking for a replacement of parts... I bought it on an airbrush show after my trusted Paasche V#1 was stolen when I decided to interrupt demonstrating and start walk around to see what else was going on at the fair. Almost immediately after I bought it (at the Airbrush-Services Almere stand) my business partner of that time tripped over the hose.

Iwata Custom Micron CM-SB

August 18, 2012

Testing 1

After repairing my compressor (Sil-Air) I was able to begin testing the Paasche V#1 airbrush and the Createx Wicked and the Inspire paints. The air pressure regulator / moisture separator unit of the compressor was broken. In order to change it the pump unit had to be removed, because there is not enough space to unscrew the above mentioned unit and screw the replacement back on. After replacing it, the Sil-Air worked as if it was new again.

A drawing of the Paasche V#1 (V, VV and VJR are also included) for identification of the parts, to which I refer in this blog entry, is placed below. Please click the image to see the larger actual size version for readability.

Click to see a larger image

August 17, 2012


Discovered a paint I was unfamiliar with. Inspire custom paint - the European alternative for House of Kolor that was way too expensive due to high transportation costs. Paints are not allowed to be carried by airplane because they are considered to be a fire hazard. Inspire is made in the UK, which significantly reduces transportation costs therefore resulting in a good price for European consumers.

Inspire Royal Blue Candy

The image above shows the Royal Blue Candy, a category of paint that is particularly pretty. Eager to test them, but I have to repair the compressor first. HOK was uniquely pleasant to spray; if Inspire comes even remotely close, it will be my prime choice of paint.

The friendly and skilled staff of the Airbrush Services Almere store (Eric & Trees) were so kind to bring this paint under my attention.

Stay tuned!

Looking for sponsors

Tomorrow we will try to acquire some sponsorship for our airbrush classes. We'll see what is still possible in these dire days. In any event, spirits are high, air pressure is low, paint is fast to dry while expectations grow. Stay tuned.

DAZ Hexagon 3D rendering

August 15, 2012

The art of looking

You can only express what you observe. If there is nothing to see or you don't see what actually is there, it will never become part of your art.

Corel PhotoPaint tinkering

August 9, 2012

Tests in planning

We have planned some exciting tests to tune airbrushes in a simple, affordable and effective way... Will post results here if it all works out as we hope they will...

CorelDRAW / PhotoPaint cartoon

August 6, 2012

Downloadable airbrush class outline

A course outline you find here. It is in Dutch since students most likely live in The Netherlands.

DAZ Hexagon 3D rendering

August 5, 2012

Found a location for airbrush classes

This week we found a location (in Hoofddorp near Amsterdam Schiphol airport) perfectly suited to conduct airbrush courses. It has a well lit room for the course, separate restrooms for ladies and gentlemen and a lunchroom with coffee machine and refrigerator where break periods can be spent in a relaxed atmosphere. There is also a separate space where small custom-paint training can be given. Adequate parking space behind a gate that can be locked during classes is also present and the location in general feels good and friendly.

Corel PhotoPaint edit