September 28, 2014

Pinegrow webdesign

Once and a while a new application emerges from the brain of a genius that blows all its predecessors away with an unprecedented ease. The best of the best do this on all major platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux. Pinegrow is such a program. Not only does it work faster than any program of the competition (take a peek at the listing), it is easier to use, more efficient, versatile (fit to create sites for browsers of the PC, Mac, tablet and smartphones) and considerably cheaper. Sounds too good to be true? Check out their site!

People like me, who occasionally develop websites, should really take time to see what Pinegrow can do. I suspect 99% of them will never bother to use any other application ever again. But also professionals can incorporate their routines and objects in Pinegrow's library and retrieve them with one or two clicks of the mouse. The program can be used by just dragging and dropping components and / or customizing any detail, because it is based on the increasingly abundant Bootstrap, which also makes your pages look good on any type of device. No other application on the market today allows to design this way.

It gets better still. If you run across a website you like, Pinegrow allows to open pages straight from the web after which you can customize them and use them yourself. This feature plus the fact that Bootstrap is continually evolving, makes Pinegrow an absolute must for anyone who is into designing websites. The best of all is that it costs under 50 dollars... Talk about mindblowing...

Update October 2 2014
Version 1.22 is issued now. Pinegrow already was bloody brilliant, but after updates like the Wordpress module, it has become even more usable.

Update April 22 2020
And what do you know, after all my enthusiasm about the program it corrupted my website beyond repair. Returned to using Mobirise that I gave a bad review years ago. But the software is a thing in motion in which buggy code is improved and features are added. Some updates are good, others are terrible. Mobirise apparently did a good job while Pinegrow took a turn for the worst. 

Update Feb 2022
A few months ago I switched to Nicepage and never regretted it. No coding needed whatsoever, totally free positioning of objects, independent from the grid and numerous features that its competition lacks. Absolutely the top of the bill for beginners, advanced users and UX designers. Check out my blog entry about the awsome Nicepage program. Their developers update the program at an enormous pace, so it gets even better really fast. Nicepage offers total freedom of placing objects anywhere on the page without having to write a single line of code, among a shipload of other very attractive functions. This truly enables web 3.0 design with minimal effort and maximal result. Nicepage also offers a plugin that allows to integrate websites in Wordpress, which means designers become totally independent from the Wordpress functions and build beautiful websites of their own. Creative webdesigners that have little or no coding skills should most definitely check out the magnificent Nicepage program! If you want to get a proper idea of the possibilities and use of Nicepage, take a peek at this video: The only disadvantage of Nicepage is that it is dead slow from time to time, but the abundance of features still makes it the best and most versatile website builder available. When the world is offered a ton of options without coding skills already, moving towards AGI that currently is under development will make things even easier still. AGI is said to make coding superfluous all together, meaning that you should be able to do many things, including coding, that required the ability to code just a short while ago. If you haven't yet tried this program, download the trial version and give it a go. You won't be sorry.