January 4, 2020

Crest of Amsterdam created in Affinity Designer

This blog entry shows the Crest of Amsterdam created in Affinity Designer, so it is all vector, no pixels at all. The image shows three Andreas crosses at the center of the crest. They were used allegedly as a reference to the apostle Andreas who was tortured to death on such type of cross. Other than that the origins of the objects and shapes used are unknown. There also is an unproven link to the bankers of Florence - predominantly the De Medici family - that were supposed to have taken their business to Amsterdam, Copenhagen and London after their competition - the Bardi family - financed Columbus who returned with literally shiploads of gold. The agents of De Medici purportedly put different accents in their banking policies, which delivered them riches beyond imagination. The Andreas crosses that resemble the letter 'X' are also believed to have maintained their meaning of secrecy throughout the ages, that even today are used by organizations that run classified projects far outside the view of the general public and are even kept away from the commonly better informed factions of society.

Most recent coloured version

This is what the coloured crest looks like on T-shirt
It is available here

Before the version emerged that is shown above, I made an outline version that you see below:

The outline version of the crest

This is what the outline version looks like on T-shirt
For those who like it, they can obtain it here

Finally, below you see the vector outline drawing of the crest. From this designers may be able to conclude that the real complexity of the colour design lies within the creation of gradients and effects that Affinity Designer offers abundantly.

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