January 7, 2014

Make Iwata Custom Micron SB Gravity Feed - II

The previous blog entry showed a portrait of an Indian yogi that I sprayed mainly with the Iwata HP-BH which is a gravity feed airbrush. The HP-BH I found to be performing even better than the CM- SB in spraying ultra fine lines. Probably because the HP-BH is gravity fed. There has been a lot of discussion about which system is better - Gravity feed or (side cup) siphon feed. It is possible to combine the best of both worlds. Testor (maker of the Aztek airbrushes) offers a side cup that fits snugly into the CM-SB, as do all separately sold, dirt cheap paint cups from Testor.


January 2, 2014

Airbrushing again...

After almost a year of not having touched an airbrush, I took up the gun again and made a test on roughly cut, rectanglish piece of drawing paper. Geerco van Strien skillfully cleaned and tuned my trusted Iwata HP-BH that I used to spray (I believe, not sure) Holbein Aeroflash acrylic paint. Here is the work that is still in progress. Freehand airbrushing, no masking, some erasing with pencil eraser. Newest version on top. If you click on one of the images, Blogspot's lightbox opens, which allows you to use your mouse's scroll wheel to shift through the various stages and observe the progress in a more clear way.