July 23, 2019

My Digital Art portfolio

Not too long ago I was forced to take a break, but lately I cautiously started to get some things done again. Currently I am busy creating a portfolio of my Digital Art that will contain portraits, paintings, creative writing, DTP, tech art, logo design, illustration and cartoons. As some of you may have figured out as a result of my more recent posts, I have been putting an increasing emphasis on vector art for a while, but haven't yet abandoned pixel art all together. Affinity Designer makes it possible to even make realistic portraits and paintings in vectors that are indistinguishable from pixel art, except when this type of art is re-scaled; vector images retain their quality and crispness regardless of how much they're enlarged or sized down as opposed to pixel art that is created for one specific resolution.

But I digress. So far I've finished the cover of my Digital Art portfolio and a good number of pages that contain examples of my work, but the booklet needs to be completed still. At this point I am selecting a number of my poems to be contained within the document - I've written so many.... In addition I remake them in vectors to maintain the crispness of the fonts; so this may take some time. I plan to issue versions for print and for the web (in pdf) and will make them available in this blog and on the blog page on my website. Bear with me while I work on completing these documents and stay tuned. Above you see a 3D rendering of the booklet and below the cover image that was drawn in 100% vectors in Affinity Designer. The booklet is created in Affinity Publisher, Serif's newly released DTP-program.

I have vectorized the poems after which there are no more jagged edges (unless you zoom in like crazy). The portfolio is still not completed, but you can see the stage so far (August 1 2019) here. Bear with me; this document may still need editing. This will be completed in the final version that is still to be issued.