January 27, 2013

On-line interactive book

I am currently in the process of creating and interactive on-line book that contains some of my poetry (or attempts at poetry if you will). You can scroll through the pages by dragging the page corners like in a real book or by clicking on them. Some poems cover two pages. I placed a small red triangle after the first part of the poem. If you click on that you will go to the part on the next page. It is more of an indication that you have not yet reached the end of the poem, but it is also click-able.

January 25, 2013

The horror of using Office files in DTP

When using Microsoft Word documents and Excel-files to compose a book in InDesign one inevitably encounters the lack of logic and structure Microsoft and its users included in their products. First, the new type of Office interface with the ribbon is horrific to work with. Functions are buried deep underneath a shipload of illogically designed icons, while the documents that are compiled lack, whatever is required to build a sensible parametric structure.

January 21, 2013

Adobe InDesign, Scribus, LyX, VivaDesigner, Quark Xpress, Affinity Publisher

Recently I have been (re-)learning InDesign again. I have an old CS3 version, but now tried the new CS6. The program is impressive in any respect. The structure and logic are beyond that of most other programs. Perhaps only a number of 3D applications are able to match it. A lot of digging in the menus is required to make full use of it, but once that is done the program allows to produce the most complex documents for any purpose imaginable: print, web, animations etc. there is very little the is not capable of.

InDesign screendump

January 9, 2013

Reconsidering course methods

After considering many things we have decided to go about airbrush classes differently. Different than what is commonly done. There is a strong dislike of the commercialized approach. Commerce and truly creative skill are rarely good companions. One always violates the other to some extent. And since humans are analog beings we aim to focus on that - on the creative side. It still requires skill, but it should not serve commercial means in our view.

January 5, 2013

Brainstorming about the Perfect Airbrush

A few things bother me in even the most advanced airbrushes. Improvements can be made in the handling and maintenance department. For the time being I thought of the following:
  • Trigger control should allow more accurate needle movement
  • Triggers should be placed closer to the needle tip
  • Paint containers can be separate from the main housing (connected with a paint supply hose)
  • Assembly and dis-assembly should be made easier
  • Parts should be less vulnerable and should be constructed in a way that allows to mount and dis-mount them without the use of tools
  • Airbrushes should accept various needle / nozzle sizes
  • Airbrushes should not leak paint during needle cleaning
  • Paint cups should not obstruct the view on the artwork

The perfect airbrush