January 27, 2013

On-line interactive book

I am currently in the process of creating and interactive on-line book that contains some of my poetry (or attempts at poetry if you will). You can scroll through the pages by dragging the page corners like in a real book or by clicking on them. Some poems cover two pages. I placed a small red triangle after the first part of the poem. If you click on that you will go to the part on the next page. It is more of an indication that you have not yet reached the end of the poem, but it is also click-able.

The poems the book contains are concerned with increasing awareness. People are too ignorant today, too focused on material crap that means nothing whatsoever as soon as the criminal banks pull the plug. Anyway I offered some clues about my vision in the preface. The book is not finished yet; there are many more poems and comments to follow.

All this is practice for creating educational books about advanced composite materials. Everything is done myself where DTP is concerned, lay-out, drawing, creation of tables and photographic material. Very time consuming but fun to do. Every day I discover new things that InDesign can do; a truly amazing program be it that some functions still puzzle me.

Have a peek at the book and ready yourself for the total collapse of all systems and structures.