Technical art often is applied in catalogs to depict products or parts and for presentations, for construction- and instruction purposes. 2D and 3D drawing techniques are used in various views, cut-away drawings or ghost view renderings to visually describe complex constructions in a way that leaves as little as possible room for different interpretation.

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Watch - rendered 3D model

Flippable watch

Stylized watch (Rhino 5)

Renault Alpine A110 - 2D vector drawing

Range Rover Evoque - 2D vector drawing

Laptop 3D rendering

3D Smart phone concept

3D Extraction system (w.i.p.)

3D - fantasy airbrush

Organic airbrush concept (Rhino 5)

3D - Educational drawing (Rhino v5)
Airbus A350-900-XW

Various types of vacuum ports (Rhino 5)

3D - Educational drawing (Rhino v5)

Vacuum port advanced composites production

2D - Bike design (CorelDRAW X6)

3D version of bike design (Rhino 5)

3D - Educational drawing: Peel ply gap (vacuum infusion)

3D - Educational drawing: typical vacuum infusion set-up

3D Rotating elevator platform (Rhino 5)

Elevating platform support (Rhino 5)

Gavita growing lamp + ballast (Cinema 4D)

3D Gavita growing lamp (work in progress - Cinema 4D)

3D Gavita growing lamp (work in progress - Rhinoceros)

3D Eaglehead Guitar (Rhino 5)

3D Eaglehead carbon version (Rhino 5) 

3D Quetzalcoatl Guitar (Rhinoceros R5)

3D Banana phone (Rhinoceros)

3D Hotbonder Front view (under construction - Cinema 4D)

3D Bike design - Cinema 4D practice (Cinema 4D)

3D hand to illustrate manual operations in educational material (Cinema 4D)

3D Advanced Tooling Educational Drawing (Rhinoceros)

2D Airbus A350 Composite Locations

Pressure gauge (Rhinoceros)

3D Concept Training Facility (Cinema 4D)

3D Race motorcycle tank concept (Rhinoceros)

3D Composite Vacuum process layers (Rhinoceros)

3D / 2D - Applying vacuum bag (Cinema 4D / CorelDRAW)

2D Composite repair component identification (CorelDRAW)

3D Infusion set-up - Advanced composites (Cinema 4D)

2D Jet engine instructional drawing (CorelDRAW)

2D Composite parts B777(CorelDRAW)

3D Gravity feed side cup double action airbrush concept (trueSpace 3D)

3D Smart phone concept (trueSpace 3D)

3D Advanced composites - Injection Methods (Cinema 4D)

2D Fold-able step (CorelDRAW)

3D Danone cartons (trueSpace 3D)

2D Harley Davidson Custom design (CorelDRAW)

3D Exploded view skate brake (trueSpace 3D)

3D Skate brake assembly (trueSpace 3D)

3D Skate brake pre-production (trueSpace 3D)

2D Time trial bike concept (CorelDRAW)

2D Airbrush functions (CorelDRAW)

3D Educational drawing for advanced composites training

3D Aeroponic fogging system prototype design (trueSpace 3D)

3D Ducati Rage concept (trueSpace 3D)

3D Ducati concept engine block (trueSpace 3D)

2D Brain sections (CorelDRAW)

2D Geo Resistant House (CorelDRAW)

2D Lace-less shoe Concept I (CorelDRAW)

2D Lace-less shoe Concept II (CorelDRAW)

3D Nokia Stiletto phone design concept (trueSpace 3D)

2D Uzi (CorelDRAW)

3D Perfume bottle design concept (trueSpace 3D)

3D BOSS perfume bottle design concept (trueSpace 3D)

3D BOSS packaging design concept (trueSpace 3D)

3D Perfect airbrush design (Cinema 4D)

2D / 3D Ultrasonic testing principles (CorelDRAW / Cinema 4D)

3D Advanced airbrush gun concept