March 28, 2013

Lightbox suddenly disappeared from Blogger

Without any warning or offering any solution Google removed Lightbox from the blogs. Lightbox allowed to click on one photo in a post or page which enabled visitors to scroll through all photos present in that page or post. It shows Google's boundless arrogance and disrespect for their users that are only interesting to them as cash cows that bring in advertisement revenues.

Lightbox - image display

March 4, 2013

CorelDRAW vs AutoCAD

One thing I never quite understood, is that CorelDRAW is not used more often for creating technical drawings. In The Netherlands companies seem to have an unwavering preference for AutoCAD, which is almost exactly 10 times more expensive than CorelDRAW. Most drawings do not require the complex features of AutoCAD; the drawings' simplicity can be constructed with CorelDRAW considerably faster, allowing to apply more visual options, such as line thickness, style and color, gradient coloring of planes etc. at lower cost.

In 1995 I decided to put things to the test while working for a well known Dutch air carrier company by creating an educational drawing to be used for presentations in the classroom for licence training of technicians. It took me 10 hours to draw that image in CorelDRAW and when I attempted to do the same in AutoCAD, I did not even complete one third of the drawing at the 10 hour mark.