May 27, 2013

Browsers and Flash

Flash can only be seen in browsers when the plugin is installed. It is often not behaving like is described in the specs of either of the components. Corporations would have you believe that they are working towards plugin-free browsers in developing HTML5. This of course is quite ludicrous. Many programs have the functionality that allows the installation of plugins that enrich the programs' functionality that in some cases raise their level of usability to heights that manufacturers and / or users had never dreamed of. Sadly many creators of plugins put malware in the code, which has become more of a standard than not in these times in which programmers aren't bothered by becoming a nuisance to the unassuming.

May 17, 2013

UI's becoming darker

After years of being bombarded by particles emitted by bulky CRT's and LCD 'dirty waves', the industry has finally started to make applications' User Interfaces darker. Adobe as one of the leading software developing companies has given some of its products (strangely enough not all of them) a dark interface.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 dark UI

May 10, 2013

Have a useful day

At times I become overwhelmed by an infinite type of sadness. Especially when realizing that mankind has separated from its true essence that is unknown to a disturbing number of people who aren't even looking for an excuse why they're cluttering up this planet. I had such a moment recently when I was sent this video clip by a friend on Facebook:

May 9, 2013


Professor Frank Tipler in his epic work 'The physics of Immortality', claimed that life is the exchange of information. Whether two boxers beat the crap out of each other in a match, a parent tries to explain something to his or her child or when people make love, they all exchange information. The way in which communication is conducted may differ, but it is what all of us do all the time anywhere.

Business communication

May 7, 2013

Dynamic Blogger theme modifications

If you want to modify your (Blogger) blog and use a dynamic theme, please consider visiting Southern Speakers. Their css code suggestions ALL work and enable bloggers to change their blog pages' appearance in a subtle or radical way. I've explored the web for a long time in search of adequate tips on this matter, but never came across a better source.

Southern Speakers header image

The CommuniCats blog uses their css code to center the Header and Tab Bar, Make the Tab Bar sticky and to continuously show the gadgets to the right. As you can see, all of the code simply works. Just cut and paste into the Template - Customize - Advanced - CSS and you're done.