May 10, 2013

Have a useful day

At times I become overwhelmed by an infinite type of sadness. Especially when realizing that mankind has separated from its true essence that is unknown to a disturbing number of people who aren't even looking for an excuse why they're cluttering up this planet. I had such a moment recently when I was sent this video clip by a friend on Facebook:

Most people would probably shrug their shoulders and proceed with whatever they were wasting their time on. There is of course a reason for the disturbing indifference and lack of wit that is widespread today. It is easy to become addicted to mindless trivia, because, well..., it does away with the strenuous act of thinking properly. It has become quite a common and unfamiliar diversion to actually use the brain for the purpose that prodded its invention.

Mister Allan Dulles (for those who don't know, he was the person nominated to bungle the investigation of the JFK assassination) is known for having said: 'The American people don't read.' It's not an assessment applicable to Americans only. And I am not hinting at illiteracy. It's a global thing. People who do not read, know little and what they know usually is an issue on some hidden agenda. Their sole source of information is the orotund rubbish hammering television network that is a foolproof system to fool all who buy their rubble.

Having a market at their disposal that is wadded with clueless people is a heavenly situation for corporations that sell gadgetry and make vast profits of the unstoppable shopping urge of an immense following of brain dead fans and amenable worshipers. Making dysfunctional tablets and smartphones that are way too thin tremendously pays off. Stupid people are a blessing to those in the business of producing useless things.

Possessing useless things has a tendency to make their owners useless, mainly because the objects can only perform useless tasks. It leads to getting used to being useless. When such a situation is intentionally created, it will ultimately become dangerous, because useless things (or people) will ultimately be put out with the trash.

Have a useful day.