May 9, 2013


Professor Frank Tipler in his epic work 'The physics of Immortality', claimed that life is the exchange of information. Whether two boxers beat the crap out of each other in a match, a parent tries to explain something to his or her child or when people make love, they all exchange information. The way in which communication is conducted may differ, but it is what all of us do all the time anywhere.

Business communication

Newborns cry when they are plunged in this dimension and the dying may express a last wish or simply sigh. In between we live and hence communicate. It is not something one can simply turn off. Even when asleep we exchange information in our dreams (we may be programmed in subtle ways...). Communication can occur consciously or in the sub-conscious. That hints at how to communicate successfully (or not).

The scope of the consciousness (awareness) of the ones involved in the act of communicating determines success or failure. Consciousness is also a thing that is quite flexible; people often act very differently when they find themselves in a group compared to when they are alone. Apparently there is a group-consciousness that persuades many to divert from their essence. Basically most of us attempt to be liked by others when in a group, which is not required when we are alone.

So, when consciously composing digital communication, one has to be aware of that - what appeals to the individual who absorbs your effort to communicate when (s)he is exploring it on the internet when alone at home, but inevitably considers what the effect of your proposal might be when they are inside a group. Digital communication often allows some measure of preparation; it is an opportunity that we should definitely take advantage of.

Figure out who is at the other end. What are they thinking, feeling, what do they want? You don't want to end up trying to sell a 220 horsepower Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle to a 70 year old lady, a chainsaw to a 5 year old kid or Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' to a person who can not read. Before you say or do anything: do your research, think and imagine what it is people want, what they intend to spend on it, in which setting they may use it, how to approach them etc.

In other words: Figure out the scope of their awareness.

Have a nice day!