August 15, 2012

The art of looking

You can only express what you observe. If there is nothing to see or you don't see what actually is there, it will never become part of your art.

Corel PhotoPaint tinkering

But looking good can be taught. Not just using the eyes, but also the heart and mind. For ages this has been the talent of true artists. Today we have an advantage over those from past times; certain types of software are capable of filtering out details that the human eye has trouble distinguishing.... We think we can be of help to you in developing this skill.

And the there are some old yoga techniques and exercises from various parts of the world that improve close & distant vision that may prove to be useful (not only) for airbrush artists. In case you can't find your glasses and need to meet a deadline or so... I once saw on television pilots use these techniques to pass their vision tests if their eye sight is deteriorating to extend their license anyway.

Apart from artificially improving eye sight there are also some other techniques to become aware of details in an image that may help the artist to apply detail that people do not consciously see, but that determine the quality of an airbrush work nevertheless. These tricks will all be demonstrated in the airbrush classes we are preparing to conduct at this point.