April 23, 2014

Yet Another Cleaner

One of the most useful tools I came across by chance was 'Yet Another Cleaner' that is a junk file cleaner, system optimizer, virus and malware removal tool in one. Its functionality includes removal of malicious and redundant registry entries, bogus icon links and application monitor.

I found YAC after attempts to remove the annoyingly obtrusive '22find' page caused me to suffer from a pain in the butt. Other removal tools did not work and YAC in addition presented me with a wealth of options that the tool's competition did not offer. After trying it thoroughly I donated an amount of money on the site, because I hope it will allow the developers to continue this useful tool.

At the bottom of the blue column to the left you see a small gear wheel. If you click that and select 'Floating Window' a small gadget pops up that displays the RAM your machine currently uses, which comes in handy to see which applications use a lot of memory. If you hover the mouse pointer over the gadget you  see two tabs at the bottom: 'Accellerate' and 'Speed'. If you click the first a rocket symbol appears and if you click it it will free all RAM possible. The 'Speed tab will allow you to check your internet speeds.

Above you see a screen dump of the program's very nice and clean interface. In the left column the click-able functional categories are listed and in the window to the right of it you will see a specification of YAC's functions. All very useful and actually working! I have no shares in the company, I am just a pleased user. If the virus and malware squads of the Internet jungle are bugging you, you should definitely give this tool a try.

On their website they have 'Tech-Tips, Mobile (tips) and a blog, among other topics, all of which I find useful. I hope one day they will offer a similar app for Android, that is increasingly plagued by utterly annoying ads. Users who are reluctant to 'root' their device get a ton of unsolicited junk on their device, against which Google seems to have no plan whatsoever of eradicating the nuisance. Even worse: apps that block adware are structurally removed from the Play Store. Fortunately, users only need .apk-files to install apps on their device.