October 13, 2013

Com-Art airbrush paint

After all digital tinkering with DTP and 2D & 3D apps, it's time to pick up the airbrush once more. My mate Geerco van Strien polished the needle of the Iwata Micron and we bought a Com-Art portrait set of paints at Airbrush Services Almere. Initially I tried diluting them with water, but it appeared almost unnecessary. A test of this paint that was new to me you see below.

Com-Art test next to a 20 Euro cent coin

Later we visited Airbrush Services Almere again and bought Com-Art Reducer. This made the paint behave a lot better at a mix ration of 1 : 1 and also reduced the paint's funny smell as well... Com-Art comes in bottles with built in dispenser tops. The paint rarely needs to be diluted (use it straight out of the bottle) and does not need to be strained.

The paint bottles are fitted with a bearing ball that improves proper mixing of components when shaking. The reducer has a 'milky' appearance, but that does not affect the paint's hue. Both reducer and paint are somewhat cheaper than most of the other mainstream paints. I will do some more testing before starting a portrait for which I found a stunning reference image.