October 2, 2013

3D printing

3D printing has a great future. The devices are still unaffordable for the average consumer, but as the technique develops it will become within reach of the private people. Larger, complex objects will be printed by specialized companies, but simple constructions will one time soon be printed at home not too far away in the future. As is the case with all consumer goods, the possibility to produce complex objects with 3D printing devices will be increasing rapidly. This will include plastic parts, composite materials, metals (including non-ferro objects). Basically any material needed to produce useful things.

Simple 3D printed ring

Open source communities have already started to make construction drawings available of 3D printers, making these machines will be able to build (improved) versions of themselves. This development that will revolutionize the way things are produced. It will end the monopoly of companies to produce complex constructions that up to now have been inaccessible to consumers, because information on how to build such devices has vehemently and ruthlessly been suppressed by the establishment. There will be a shift from affluent circles that control the money to produce things to the skilled and creative ones who actually have the capability to produce things.

Complex scaled 3D print of engine casing top half

I believe it will even end the penultimate monopoly of the affluent - which is the control of energy - because devices and systems will soon be built by brilliant private persons who are capable of building over-unity or free energy contraptions. It will ultimately lead to total independence of the people that have been under almost total control of corporations and banks. If a person is capable of producing energy (s)he will no longer have to pay gas- and electricity bills. The really smart ones will even be able to build systems that can cure certain diseases that will do away with medical bills and insurance premiums.

There is of course still the matter of cost or raw materials, but as people begin to produce more things themselves, it will also cause a shift in the control of funds and resources. The more people become aware of this, the faster this unstoppable development will become reality. 3D printing has the potential to change the world dramatically and it will, as people become aware of the fact that this technique will give them independence from the parties that have never produced anything whatsoever, but profited out of proportion from the ingenuity of common people.

Most do not realize the full potential of 3D printing; even precision devices on the nano scale are already being printed in laboratory conditions. The University of Vienna printed a 285 micron race car in just over 4 minutes. A human hair's diameter is approximately 50 microns, meaning the car's length is just over 5 hairs. This means that printing micro electrical circuitry will also produced by 3D printer in a not so far away future.

3D printed nano race car (University of Vienna)

The last thing under control of the powers that were, is water. To disallow people to benefit from rain water chemtrails are being sprayed intensively, while water resources are rapidly being privatized on a global scale. But even water extraction and purification systems can be built with 3D printing systems. The people will no longer have to settle for perpetually conjured virtual dreams and hallucinations, but will become able to bring much of the (useful parts of the) virtual world into real life themselves without the discriminating consent of the current power structure.