October 13, 2012

Nature of the airbrush classes

We made a clear choice to share freehand airbrush knowledge. It is definitely not a technique that will allow you to complete an airbrush painting in no time. Those who are looking to master such fast spraying techniques would do better to look for a different school. Freehand airbrush requires meticulous working methods, specific adjustment of equipment and mixing paint in a particular way. Progress is commonly slow, but you will learn how to master the airbrush in every aspect. We will even teach you how to tune your airbrush gun and make it spray better than when you bought it from the store when it was brand new.

In times when life is hectic, those who are looking to find peace of mind while practicing their airbrush hobby will find what they are looking for in our classes. Beside a profound understanding of the tools and paints you work with, we teach techniques that will allow you to enter the quiet mindset that will allow you to have as much control as possible over the art of airbrushing as possible. Our way of teaching is not the kind of process that you were used to undergo in school; we intend to make you aware of matters, so that you will be able to figure your way out of problematic situations on your own, independently from others (including us).

As I wrote in the previous blog entry, airbrush to me is some type of meditative occupation that allows me to totally relax and forget all stress of life because I focus entirely on the art work. It has at some point the effect described in the poem, which is fascinating. So yes, there most definitely is a spiritual effect to focused freehand airbrush for those prepared to dive into their art deep enough. If this is what you are looking for you will have come to the right place in our classes. Quietness, peace of mind and a way to gain energy that will allow to make a fresh energetic start after you have been airbrushing for a few hours.

If these thing appeal to you, contact us. The prices of the classes, by the way, are indications; if you have trouble gathering the funds, but really want to learn how to airbrush in the way described above, contact us any way and we will talk.