March 12, 2021

VectorStyler - vector drawing program


By accident I came across a new vector drawing program called VectorStyler. Someone mentioned it in a Facebook group and I decided to take a peek. What I saw was close to mind boggling; the functionality of this program takes the cake out of the competition. It still is a beta, so it contains bugs, but if its developer succeeds in repairing them, there is nothing in the market that compares to it, not even the well established market leaders and promising runner up programs. Not by far, I may add - it is chockful of tools and functions, some of which are unique (but most likely quite useful) to the community of vector drawing artists. Vector-Styler has all the functions its competition combined has and then some.....

It is available for Intel Macs, M1 Macs and Windows. VectorStyler is developed by a one man team (!!!), a guy named Csaba Raduly-Baka who resides in Finland. The overwhelming measure of functionality that the program offers obviously results in an extensive user interface, so figuring out how things work, requires time for users who come from other programs. But like I wrote: If the developer gets things right, it will most definitely be worth to grapple your way through the learning stages. Currently - March 2021 - he is asking for feedback (not money) from his users to fix bugs in the program code. Visit the VectorStyler Forum to post bugs or make comments. The developer is very responsive, which also shows in the large number of bug fixes in the various beta versions that succeed each other rapidly. This is a project well worth your support.

I'm new to this program myself, so I still have to explore what it can or can not do (the latter part of the sentence I added for linguistic completeness rather than because of educated guess work). To get an idea of what it is capable of, check out their homepage (scroll down the page somewhat) and the detailed feature list in the second link above. It still is free while in beta-stage, so go download it and give it a try. I am sure you will be thoroughly amazed and that the competition may turn pale from anxiety and possibly start crapping their panties resulting from that. The program is said to cost a one time fee of just 99 USD when it comes out of the beta stage, which is a reasonable price in view of its stunning functionality.

I currently use Affinity Designer to create vector art, that has an easy to grasp user interface, but not as many functions as VectorStyler. Like all other vector drawing programs I have worked with. I have worked with Illustrator professionally for decades, while working with CorelDRAW privately and with Inkscape occasionally, but I must say that none of these match VectorStyler in the functionality department. That is a huge accomplishment for the single person development of VectorStyler. I will therefore keep a close watch on how the program evolves and keep you updated as I familiarize myself with it. You may even find some artwork resulting from this process in this blog. Stay tuned.