July 7, 2016

Don Corleone airbrush / color pencil

A slightly different approach for this portrait. I used more color pencil, mainly to set up the image. Surface is a Canson oil / acrylic linen canvas structure paper, 33 x 41 cm which is difficult for airbrushing because of the texture and smoothness. It requires very intensive spraying to achieve colour intensity, but the result is very vivid eventhough I used few (dark) colors. I used Inspire H2O Black Smoke paint, Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901 (white) and Derwent Studio Sepia 53 pencils.

The setup technique is quite simple: I tape common office paper to the monitor and trace most important face features with a fine Edding 400 Permanent marker. The traced image I tape to my lightbox and placed the Canson paper on top of that. In doing so the pencil strokes on the Canson paper are limited and the pencils are used only to apply accents. It beats projection since there is always an unobstructed view on the reference trace image. Intense thin lines nevertheless had to be sprayed with the Iwata Custom SB airbrush, because of the dents in the texture.

The reference image contained mainly black hues, which made me decide to make a monochrome portrait. I tried adding colors on the computer in Corel PhotoPaint, but that appeared hardly worthwhile and the monochrome was more powerful. The images on this page were shot with a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact smartphone camera. I placed photos shot in daylight only.

Update sequence: Newest stage on top, oldest stage at the bottom. Click on the photos to see larger versions of the images.

This is what the painting could look like when framed
Virtual 3D rendering