September 25, 2012

Airbrush class to start soon

We have been planning to conduct airbrush classes for some time now, but when you want to do things right, it takes time to arrange matters in the way you see fit. Preparations for the airbrush classes are almost done. Designs for the promotional post cards I submitted yesterday. Here they are, front and back:

We are not going to do what everyone else does. First, we are cheaper, but that does not mean we offer lower quality. Check out my art work on the 'Airbrush' page and the 'Chief Plenty Coups' work in progress to get an idea of the skills I may be able to share with you. An other thing that makes our classes different is that you will not only be taught airbrush skills, but also exercises to improve your eye sight and to increase your dexterity )control over hand movement).

In addition you will be taught how to land in the proper frame of mind to get the most out of your airbrush hobby, if that involves you learning how to obtain ultimate control over your airbrush. These will not be classes for those who want to spray whatever they are working on as fast as possible. Those who take time to make beautiful things will however find these airbrush classes useful.

For people who are unfamiliar with airbrush, but interested to see how they work, how they are operated and what you can do with these tools, we organize introduction days where people can just drop in and try the airbrush themselves and get advice on how to use them.

Artists who encounter problems during the course of airbrushing paintings they are working on or assignments that are giving them trouble, can drop in on the FAQ days where we will try to help and give advice.