September 26, 2012

Added Airbush Class page

Today I have added the Airbrush class page where you will find detailed information about the courses. That page will be updated whenever changes will occur.

Harley Davidson tank, not yet sprayed with clear coat

The focus of our classes will be freehand portrait art. Even if you feel you don't have good drawing skills, airbrushing may be a way for you to unleash your artistic impulses. The setting-up of portraits starts with the projection of an image on a surface, after which you use a pencil to trace the image. What is important is the ability to spray (according to your personal interpretation) what you see in the reference image onto the airbrush paper, -board, canvas, T-shirt or metal surface. But these skills we can teach you.

Freehand airbrush portrait on canvas

We do not intend to conduct regular, off the shelve type of courses. There is much more involved in the art of airbrushing than the techniques to spray an image onto a surface. In airbrushing portraits artists creates a connection between the subject and observers. And often, while airbrushing the portrait, a connection between the artist and his or her subject emerges. You will find out what that means in our classes and be amazed. Visit our Airbrush class page or contact us directly if you are interested by clicking here to mail us.

Freehand airbrush portrait on plastic

Just drop in at our facility of which we will mail you the address in our reply. Enough space is available to park your car in a secured area next to the rooms where training will take place. There are also restrooms, a canteen with a refrigerator and last but not least an excellent coffee machine!