August 28, 2015

Kiowa warrior - digital painting

I picked up my Huion digital drawing tablet again. It has certain advantages over creating analog art, in particular airbrushing. If you project drawings to trace, you need to print the reference image, digital does not require this. Undoing or changing parts of the painting is easy in digital art. If your not sure if a change will work well, just save the image and experiment on the copy; if things go wrong, you can always revert to the saved image.

If hue, contrast etc. are not to your liking, you can change it any time. It is also possible to work in layers that can be turned on or off at will or given a filtered or unfiltered transparency. Working on minute detail is easy with digital tools; just zoom in to increase control. Correcting mistakes is as easy as pushing Control + Z on the keyboard and there is no 'blue shift' when covering colors with white lines or areas as is the case in analog airbrushing.

Below are some of the steps I recorded. The oldest phase is at the bottom and the newer ones about that. The drawing was based on a painting of the fabulous Howard Terpning who created an absolutely fabulous portfolio. Mr. Terpning never ceases to inspire me and his art is never matched by any photograph. He is in an elevated category of his own.