May 14, 2018

CommuniCats went dark

Today I customized this site's theme to dark. It's more friendly on the eyes than the flashing white sites that bombard you with photons. I wrote something related to this in 2013 already. This site's previous theme wasn't white, but still too light. Hope you enjoy. There are plenty of 'experts' blurting out tons of reasons why websites should have a light background, but that doesn't mean they are correct. They just parrot what others whom they consider to be experts, say after which they look like experts as well to those who don't have a clue if what they say really makes sense. Even if so called scientific research allegedly proves that backgrounds should be light, you should never take it for granted. If you give a fuck, that is.

CommuniCats turned dark. Forgot to take a screen shot
of what it looked like before, but anyway, that is history

Mainstream science hasn't yet figured out that many diseases are caused by light that has a harmful wave form and frequency, which is called dirty light, which of course is caused by dirty electricity. Perhaps because they're paid by the parties that benefit from people not being healthy, which is a multi-billion-dollar industry. That is because certain wave forms of electricity and light contribute to making you die early in a not so pleasant way. Sounds far fetched, I know, but that's what they want you to think. But 'science' has a rather wretched track record of spreading lies. It's only scarcely known because the equally corrupt mainstream media does not report them. No one pays me to make this site and I did my own research, so this is why this site has a dark background. It's difficult to find on Google's search engine (which is conspicuous by itself), because they don't want you to know, but when using DuckDuckGo it can be found instantly.

Those who exclusively rely on mainstream channels to gather information of course disagree, but in my opinion mainstream is the mouthpiece of factions that cause the miserable situation that this world is in today - they have the power and funds that can put out anything they want at any time and all of that is aimed rendering them financial benefit, which is why they have off ledger bank accounts that no one who appreciates being alive dares to check, while the rest has their (non-existing, i.e. plundered) capital written in red type. The site to where the last link leads to b.t.w., is believed to be a leak source of (factions of) the British intelligence community, which is why these dirty little secrets came out anyway, because it is quite difficult to dispose of a well trained and properly informed bunch of spies that have advanced weaponry and access to inaccessible networks. So, in spite of the would be web-experts' hallucinations, CommuniCats went dark.

Have a nice day.