June 21, 2018

Youtube channel shop window image

This concept image was an experiment created in Affinity Photo beta version I just threw in some objects that I thought were appropriate to be in the image and beyond that I find people that explain particular pieces of art to those they consider to be ignorant to the subject quite appalling, to be honest. I would like to add for the sake of clarity that I don't consider this collage to be art in the sense that I perceive what real art is, but it is a linguistic limitation that drove me to use the word.

The two identical neon signs behind the window glass were created in Rhinoceros (to create the shapes) and edited in Cinema 4D (to assign the materials to the objects) before being placed in Affinity Photo. The .aphoto-file was exported to png, then imported again into AP again and in the Tone Editing persona given one of the standard HDR treatments - Dramatic - plus some minor tweaks to enhance the image quality to somewhere in between realistic and HDR effect.

I just visited a forum in which two artists quibbled about their art calling the other person's scrabbles 'IKEA-art' and meaningless, which actually were accurate perceptions. It becomes weird when looking at the art of the two artists who both make IKEA type of rubbish, one admitting it and the other thinking that is an unjust qualification of the type of art that he makes. So each of them doodles IKEA-bunk and criticises the other for making meaningless IKEA-drivel. Communication on this level beyond me. Might be a case of Dunning-Kruger.

Anyhow, this is why I don't like explaining what I do, i.e. where it concerns art / design. What's more, I'd rather die than produce 'art' that would make a three year old feel embarrassed. If people don't get it, it's not my problem, if they do, good for them. I admit that this kind of response is easily mistaken for sociopathic demeanour, but you just can't make a person think outside of his or her ambit. Oh, and b.t.w. below you see the image that I used as a reference. Have a nice day!