April 2, 2022

Book cover pages, flyers and educational technical art


In this blog entry I present some recent cover pages that I have drawn in Affinity Designer, Rhinoceros and Cinema 4D. These were all created in A4 format for educational books in the advanced composite business for a company in which the entrepreneurs each have over 3 decades experience in high-tech companies in the severely regulated aviation and aerospace market. Also I placed some of examples of technical art created in 2D and 3D. The books were created in InDesign up to some 5 years ago, after which I switched to Affinity Publisher. In all of them I drew all images from scratch. These are books, contain a 100 to 300 pages, deal with the complex matter and processes in the advanced composites world.

Composite repair book cover 1 - Affinity Designer

Composite repair book cover 2 - Affinity Designer

Composite fabrication book cover 3 - Affinity Designer 

Some older books that I created from cover to back

One off design concept for Lufthansa - Affinity Designer

SAE report - Affinity Designer

Vacuum bagging method - Rhinoceros 3D

Composite repair student exercise tools - Rhinoceros 3D

Vacuum bag schedule - Rhinoceros 3D

Plain weave schematic - Cinema 4D

Hotbonder - Cinema 4D

Boeing composite locations with numbers for the colour blind - Affinity Designer

Boeing B777 presentation drawing - Cinema 4D

Airbus A350 presentation drawing - Rhinoceros 3D

Vacuum bag connector - Rhinoceros 3D

Honeycomb panel repair layers Rinoveros 3D

Tubular back-up structure - Rhinoceros 3D

Vacuum valves on differently curved surfaces - Rhinoceros 3D