April 12, 2022

Jugendstil mandala


Mandalas have always fascinated me, as well as Jugendstil designs, particularly ornaments. Without planning to draw either one of them, out of some sort of boredom, I kind of mindlessly started dabbling in Affinity Designer, the result of which you see below. When composing the main drawing, I applied several effects to eh image - the most dominant of which is Gradient Colour overlay that allows black and white images to be enhanced instantly. All values assigned in the settings of effects, colouring and gradients are esoteric / vector math values.

The mandala

The image basically contains two parts, that I have arranged in a 7 element circular pattern, the larger object of which I placed below this paragraph. The objects are embedded in the main drawing.

The larger object

The smaller object, I placed below this paragraph. Click the images to see larger versions of them in Google's Lightbox, that allows to scroll through them by turning the scroll wheel of the mouse.

The smaller object