March 3, 2020

The jaguar & the rose - vector image

I recall once reading a story about an MD who suffered from cancer and was told by his peers that he had less than half a year to live. He consulted several of them and they all expressed the same daunting message. Then he ran into accounts of people that went to the middle and southern Americas to visit shamans and take ayahuasca, some of whom were cured. He began drinking the hallucinatory brew and during his trips he saw jaguars that approached him and smelled him, seemed to think, went away to other spaces and times and returned to do the same again. This happened several times and after these trips the MD lived an other twelve years instead of the six months that his peers predicted he would be allowed to spend in this world. Some would say that this could imply that the jaguars had found a way to cure his ailment. Those that think this story is BS, will never find solutions to any of their problems in such a way.

The MD said it seemed as if the jaguars were thinking on how to help him solve the problem of his illness. They did so when they disappeared into an other dimension after which they came back to him to do more observing. When they were done thinking (and doing whatever was necessary) the MD was granted an extended presence in this dimension. Perhaps to persuade people to have an open mind to alternative healing methods and to other matters not related to curing sickness. He had made his career in official medicine that proved unable to heal him. Only when he decided to revert to methods that were considered to be quackery by the practitioners of the 'official' medical trade did he regain his health. Real progress requires a zeal to disembark previously cherished trains of thought and change over to different means of travel that may lead to different destinies in different dimensions, timelines and universes. Setting goals is therefore very difficult. It is the result of the imposed limitation of this dimension.

The core of this graphical design
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I thought of this MD's adventure when making this drawing years ago. But it was not until recently that I recreated the image in vectors. Affinity Designer made this possible, because it allows to blur vector shapes, which is a crucial part of the techniques used to draw the jaguar and the rose (alongside a bunch of other functions that made drawing this image possible). I added the flower because its symbol has a mythical status in esoteric factions and a few other references to supra human powers, performed by humans nonetheless, who have been initiated to uncommon knowledge. Their number is however extremely small.

The jaguar's paws are shrouded in fog that suggest a presence in a mystic environment. Behind the big cat is an orange sphere of light from which rays emanate, which symbolizes a portal to elsewhere in space time from which the jaguar entered this material realm. The fact that the jaguars in the vision of the MD no longer have to take lives to survive, but rather give live to a dying man, means that they have progressed to a higher dimension in which the more elaborate act of creating is favoured over the far easier act of destroying.

I started to create this image in black and white and switched to full colour at a later stage. Stages older than the one shown that is visible at the bottom, are not interesting. The newer ones are placed above that and the most recent stage can be seen at the top. It's quite likely that I will continue to tinker this image some more at a later date. The time of writing is March 3 2020. Click on one of the images to see them in Google's lightbox that allows to scroll between the various stages effortlessly by turning the scroll wheel of the mouse. Unfortunately this function to my knowledge is available on desktop PC's only (as far as I know).

The latest stage (for the time being at least)

This is outline view in which vector lines and shapes are visible

The switch to colour

Older stages were made predominantly in B&W
What was drawn before this stage is less interesting