September 10, 2020

Cartoonish vector T-shirt design


While creating a collection of T-shirt designs, I sort of accidentally started a creating a cartoonish vector design that I never intended to draw. The program I used is of course Affinity Designer. During the process of progressing I began adding more detail, which can easily become an almost never ending treat that will only be limited by the amount of space that is available. I clipped the square drawing in a circle since this is the trademark signature for my T-shirt designs that allows me to a circular text around the image.

The top image can be viewed in Google's Lightbox by clicking on it when you're on a PC or Mac (this does not work on tablets and phones) and the image opened there can be viewed in a new tab by right clicking on it to see it's original size, which is smaller than the file that will be used to the T-shirt print, that results in making more detail visible. Click on the image again (with the magnifying glass containing the plus symbol) to view the image actual size.