June 5, 2024

Vector drawing of an indigenous man


This drawing was made in the vector drawing program Affinity Designer. I used the Gradient Fill tool with which bitmap images can be inserted into shapes. These images are scalable and can be rotated. I used them directly or as an overlay above duplicated shapes. This allows to apply all sorts of FX-effects to either of the images, as well as changing the hue and saturation, contrast, making shapes and or images brighter or darker and changing appearance with the Curves Tool. It is the first type of colourful drawing I made and most likely an addition to the way I create digital work. It also is the new header image of my website.

Click on the images to see a larger version of them in Google's Lightbox. Turning the mouse wheel allows to scroll the the images if you are on a PC or Mac.

The rendered image

The vector outline of the drawing

Stage 4

Stage 3

Stage 2

Stage 1

The inspiration