October 14, 2013

I conjure texts too! - A poem.

So far I did not feature examples of text creation. It is time for this to change. Below you see a poem (or at least an attempt to poetry) I wrote, when thinking of science 'discovery' that 97% of human DNA has no function they were able to detect - no specific proteins were produced by that 97%, tempting them to coin it 'junk DNA'.

Some - mainly spiritually inclined people - suggest that humankind originally had 12 strand DNA instead of the 2 strand of which our bodily tissue consists now. That would mean that we use only 3% of 1/6th of our true potential..., which equals 0.005th of the original coding, assuming extra strands do not increase perception and skills exponentially...

If that is true, we have a rather disturbing situation at hand. We should probably first and before all figure out what meddling with foundations causes. Not just in science, but in all that determines the quality of the lives we live - religion, education, economics etc. Perhaps at some point we will become prepared (and better capable of) restoring the original situation that is the innate, extremely talented and compassionate state of mankind.

Before that is possible we need to find reason to free ourselves of conditioning. But also the act of structural and systematic conditioning is subject to the paradox of oppression and 'advancement' increasing simultaneously. We feel and see that taking place all over this planet at this point.