November 16, 2012

Custom paint cups for Iwata Custom Micron

My Iwata Custom Micron SB is a stunning airbrush. Excellently suited for ultra fine detail and is useful to spray larger areas as well with excellent control. Only problem is that the standard paint cup does not have the capacity to spray larger surfaces without frequent paint refills. But, being a siphon feed airbrush that allows the paint cup to be taken off, provides the solution for spraying base layers and backgrounds that require relatively much paint.

Custom paint cups for Iwata Custom Micron SB

In Italy the airbrush scene is quite large and artists are very creative. Not just in their paintings, but also in the accessories they use. I accidentally ran across a picture in Facebook that caused me to search for the custom paint cups in the image above and I founnd them at Graphic Air in the UK. This is the page where you can order them. The cups are made of a lightweight plastic and have lids to close them to prevent involuntary paint spills. The standard Iwata paint cup must be removed and replaced with the metal adapter that is visible in the top of the image. The paint cups' stubs must be inserted in the adapter.

The cups feel a little wobbly, but so far none of them have fallen out of the adapter yet. There are small, funnel-like cups for when artists need a tiny amount of paint to spray a detail and large cups that can contain approximately twice the amount of paint that fits into Iwata's standard paint cup. i found this set to be a useful accessory for a good price for artists who prefer to use their SB for all the work necessary to complete a painting.