November 23, 2012

Modern style management

It may have escaped the attention of a number of comatose people, but today's world is brutally being managed to shreds by a new breed of 'managers' that mindlessly apply all imbecile crap that was drilled down their dysfunctional brains in expensive bogus courses where they can get yet an other certificate to glue to their office wall for not falling asleep during a carnival of passing on useless bunkum conducted by some arrogant clown dressed in a three piece suit.

Congratulations to Karl here, who actually
picked up his phone and spoke with a customer.
This might be a breakthrough for our company!

Nice intro, eh? For what reason might it be allowed to clutter up a page of this generally wonderful blog? Well, today I needed a needle for my Iwata Custom Micron SB and while talking to the shop owner it came about that H&S seems to have ceased responding to customer interest related mails of the shop keeper. He orders one pallet of their goods weekly, but apparently this is no reason to reply to mails that don't contain orders, that are sent to their office.

Iwata on the other hand sends its product manager a couple of times per year to do his rounds to the shops to learn if there are problems, wishes and / or room for improving business. It appears they don't just strive to produce top quality equipment, but also structure their management to be efficient and customer friendly.

Badger's great client service I've read about many times in forums is equally effective. Such a considerate approach tends to oblige customers to the producer and hence increase sales in the process. It is the best type of advertisement for companies to cherish their customers.... I've no clue what managers of some companies are being told during the courses they visit, and to be honest, I don't even want to know, but perhaps someone could tell them that the simple act of logical thinking sometimes does wonders.

Don't just give your management targets they have to meet by the end of the budget year. Instead of making them attend crappy courses, spend money to teach them how to think logically, how to communicate with their dealers and customers and how to efficiently structure their departments. Give them a budget to make all this work and in the long run you will remain in business while the competition that is mindlessly following all those pea brained management gurus, who only serve their own personal interest and don't give a ..... [fill in here whatever you think is appropriate] about your company and customers, disappears from the scene.

Many of those who currently rule this world to ruins have been advised by such gurus. Companies' management doesn't need to be flooded with bootless, cryptic jargon that only has meaning in the delusional perception of misguided people who take pride in being called a guru by hordes of drooling followers who aren't capable of coherent thought. If by now the current state of this miserable dimension is not enough to make you realize that there is something terribly wrong with the way life on this planet is run, then you should probably be looking for professional help. Forget the secret codes, the unfounded cliches and related type of crap and just use your own brain in a way that it was intended to function.

Have a nice day!