November 6, 2012

Everything is different here

Everything in this blog is different; most of the topics on this site are different, the way of airbrushing, the techniques used and tested, the way the airbrush classes are conducted. If you are looking for what everyone else is doing, you won't find it here. I don't care for what is hot, fashionable, popular or whatever else mindless masses chase without ever wondering why. I care for quality, sharp wit, compassion and empathy - I'm not in love with things or trends, but with human nature and talent that anyone has in his or her unique way.

So if you feel different too, not common or average and you are in need of confirmation and support that the aimlessly stampeding herd is unable to provide, join this niche of aware spirits. This urge is not born from arrogance or some thoughtless, aloof mindset, but from sensing that the induced conditioning of human perception equals limitation and alienation from our innate gifts that have the potential to grow beyond our current imagination. This is the refuge for the unceasingly curious.

 Don't take it personal, unless of course you have the power of mind to consider this.