November 28, 2012


OK, after being stupid to spray uros without precaution I am recovering from inhaling the fumes and / or some kind of flu, I am airbrushing with bloody waterbornes again (for the time being). It is an old project that I postponed several times due to circumstances. This is a double portrait of the parents of a good friend. Here is the reference photograph (which is not really that good).

Reference photograph

Water-based and waterborne (containing mild solvents) paints handle nowhere near as good as urethane paints, but at least their fumes don't kill you. I used Holbein Aeroflash for this portrait. The newest version is on top. The reference image is not top quality, but I've had the pleasure to meet both people in the photograph, so I also paint from memory. Sadly, my friend's dad passed away a few years back and I have only seen him a few times before he moved to a higher dimension, but it was enough to make me respect him.