April 22, 2020

Re-created my VectorWhiz website

I re-crated my website - https://vectorwhiz.com - because the previous one, built with Pinegrow all of a sudden mysteriously became corrupt. It was beyond my skill to fix it. I rebuilt it with Mobirise, since Pinegrow would not allow me to re-install the version that I bought a few years back (in which I had lost trust anyway) and Bootstrap Studio still requires too much coding. This may be a good thing for hardcore coders, but not for me. So Mobirise was probably the only option left to get back on-line within a reasonable amount of time. The site needed some changes, so this was as good an opportunity as any to do it.

VectorWhiz logo

The site logo, by the way, is based on Marko Rodin's vortex math, that I believe to be related to (beneficial) ancient occult knowledge that has a more intimate bond to the real reality than what it is commonly believed to have. In a kind of cynical way this personal perception is circumstantially substantiated by the fact that Rodin's site has disappeared from the web. Making true information go away is one of the specialties of the powers that be that are interested in carrying out their concealed agenda, not in the truth. Obviously I do not share that point of view, since it is based on values without value, i.e. on a system that demands submission and obedience to a totally corrupt entity.

I've always clung to the principle that disobeying the insane is never illegal, which I also try to reflect in (most of) my art, even if not in an obvious way. This is for instance done by assigning values to drawing functions that either comply with vortex math principles or the numbers preferred (for good reason) by Nikola Tesla. So, the magic goes into the invisible meta data of the images I create and not observable doesn't mean absent. If you're really interested in what this implies, I'm sure that you'll find more information on this subject somewhere on the Internet. To the aware it will be worth their time and effort. Visit my site and have a nice day.