November 3, 2020

Vector portrait of Robin Williams used in T-shirt design


I like Robin Williams for his smart quotes. I was unaware of the fact that he had passed away a few years ago, probably in sad circumstances when I began drawing. This is a 100% vector portrait of the man not containing a single pixel. Created in Affinity Designer of course. Below is the progress sequence of this drawing; the oldest stage at the bottom, the newest one on top. Also a wireframe view of the vector drawing is included. No extreme detail such as pores, wrinkles and hair texture were included, because it is used in a T-shirt design. I may however add those some time in the future to make the portrait photo realistic. At the very bottom I placed the T-shirt design, based on one of his quotes. Click one of the images to go to Google's lightbox where you can flick through the stages by turning the scroll wheel of you mouse if you are on a PC.

Stage 10

Stage 9

Stage 8

Stage 7

Stage 6

Stage 5

Stage 4

Stage 3

Stage 2

Stage 1

Wireframe view

Vector portrait used in T-shirt design